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Services, applications, security levels, and Olimpo servers setup have been carefully studied and analyzed, for the using of the best and most complete configurations, performing tests and analysis for each aspect of the experience with Olimpo to be suitable, and as well to be the most appropriate at the technical level and with the lowest memory consumption and processors loading. Many hours and months has been used, as well as a lot of effort to get and find the most appropriate and safe programs and setup, offering the latest technologies to serve and show pages, designing all the functions to be updated along the time. Many of ours services are not in other hosting plans. The experience of Dataclick in more than 3 decades of programming and 20 years in the Internet world are at the service of the Olimpo system to offering a complete and innovative product, but with easyly and intuitive interface.

The latest technologies for the development pages in HTML 5.3 and CSS3 allow us to offer professional pages and very aesthetic, using the new improvements of these languages, such as communication through WebSockets, 3D graphics, gradients, animations transitions, typology of fonts and custom letters, or the new elements for the Webs composition, making a compatible system for a perfect visualization in all market browsers as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer o Konqueror.

Using the Adaptive Web Design (Responsive Web Design) techniques, the pages are fit to PC, tablet or mobile, showing and adapting to the environment of your device, as well if you rotate the angle of the screen (Portrait/Landscape), in this way there is only one access to each page which avoids possible mistakes when linking pages. Besides you can integrate social networks such as Facebook or WhatsApp, so you can share the content through descriptions and thumbnails.

Generated pages and Internet links (URL) are optimized with Positioning techniques for search engines SEO, Sitemaps and video links, with Rich Snippets, which it's better for pages searching, as well as allows to easily modify the parameters that are required to define them even more, without complicated server setup files (like .htaccess). These techniques also uses possible languages that each Web may have configured.

The automated Backup system is exclusive, it allows a great variety of possibilities to keep the information through 9 copies that are made of each domain and each database, and in different systems. Using legally servers allowed by the Spanish/European Agency for Data Protection in the agreement of safe port.

Daily copy of the last 3 days - Weekly copy of the last 3 weeks - Monthly copy of the last 3 months.

64-bit Processor Technology from Intel Xeon at 2.8 GHz with 8 GB of RAM and High capacity hard drives are using in Olimpo servers, with a bandwidth of 100Mbps. And keeping in mind the compatibility with the new IPv6 addressing system in each of the services which communicates the server with Internet. Besides we use protection systems to avoid attacks or unauthorized access.

GNU/Linux CentOS distribution has been selected as the base operating system for the Olimpo servers. So only the necessary programs are installed, and compiling the binaries according to the requirements and server hardware to improve its efficiency. CentOS also offers continuous updates of the software versions to always keep the server updated.

Installation of the operating system is done according to the needs of Olimpo, so that both systems works in perfect harmony, also employing the powerful security system and operating system permissions of GNU/Linux.

NGINX becomes the best and most complete Web server service in Internet, after the legendary hegemony of Apache. It is established at the first place in performing and is the lightest, designed to support numerous simultaneous connections using a minimum amount of resources, being present on Internet websites with 500 million requests daily.

Support for secure pages using SSL (TLS v1.3) with HSTS, and has the HTTP/3 + QUIC protocol that improves performance of pages loading. Compatible with IPv6, and allow streaming of MP4 video.

With free SSL certificates for domains and thus have the HTTPS security advantages of HTTP/3.

The most used and complete programming language in Internet, updated to the latest version 8.3, and with PHP-FPM (FastCGI Process Manager) that allows many improvements for security and Web pages loading managed with Olimpo.

Configured with the new OPcache cache to speeding up times access to pages or new accesses with mysqli/mysqlnd.

MariaDB is the new and powerful database management system derived and fully compatible with MySQL, created and maintained by the same original development team, which launched this new base engine database to obtain a product where the license is not proprietary (what the current owner of MySQL wants), and avoiding possible licenses for developments generated in MySQL.

But with MariaDB these problems disappear and being 100% compatible with MySQL is not necessary to adapt anything, and tools such as phpMyAdmin works without problems.

The pages are optimized for a faster loading speed, which makes them more suitable for mobile browsing.

It also includes images compression, the files such as cascade styles CSS, or JavaScript code, thus increasing the website reviewing, and improving the position in search results.

Using GZip compression for faster loading, cache browsing is also included, to allow greater performance in browsing and user experience, which is reduced to HTTP requests and the pages rendering is more efficient.

Images are dynamically resized and recompressed, the files are "minified" reducing unnecessary bandwidth to show the Web. And with the new image formats WebP and AVIF.

A daily system compression system for new images that reduce their size by 30% less, and without loss of quality.

Server services for DNS, FTP and EMail are perfectly configured with the new versions, compatible with IPv6 and TLS, and where everything is stored in databases, a difference from previous systems of text files, which are still heavily used in many hosting control panels, and involve a reboot (of the daemon) every time a change is made, which can sometimes take minutes or hours... However, now the updates are snappy, being able to create EMails or register domains at the same moment.

The domains have the security extension EDNS, DNSSEC to protect against possible DNS attacks.
The DNSBL system is used as a mechanism of black mailing or sending lists.

Besides spam fighting, server has been configured to guarantee the authenticity of the sent EMails, and as protection against the forgery in sending addresses, using methods as:

SPF (Sender Policy) Framework): Identifies through the DNS records the SMTP servers authorized to send emails.

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail): Digitally and reliably signing EMails using cryptographic techniques.

Integration with social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn or WhatsApp to share content, or for import contents of these networks.

Allow to linking with cloud sharing system files, such as DropBox, Google Drive or OneDrive to import/share files or save information.

Using a easyly and intuitive way, you can insert videos in different sections of the Website.

Videos are managed with a system similar to YouTube, converting the videos into readable formats for the current browsers in format MP4/H264 for HTML5.

WebMail's own system has been developed as WebApp, using the latest HTML5 technologies, and adapted to mobiles, allowing synchronization with phone contacts, exporting them through QR codes, voice commands, reading spoken EMails, switch to the next message by terminal shake, immediate messages display via Ajax, multilingual system, formatted text, drag messages between folders, group messages by conversation, emoticons, fingerprint control access, Push notifications, APP for Android... and many more functions to speed up the handling of emails.

The Automation Server Abstract Layer (ASAL), is a module designed by Dataclick for Olimpo servers, communicates Olimpo system with server services, to generate an intermediate layer that takes care of these tasks, and improves the perfect updating or changing new programs versions, which allows that it is not necessary to update the entire system, for which the management of internal resources is transparent.

The mainly functions of the whole system, which affect the security and the modules implementation, are in the Olimpo Monolithic Core. The module created by Dataclick for the Olimpo system. It has been designed with the latest techniques and improvements in programming, to increase the performance and allow requests to the Olimpo system to be as fastest as possible, without compromising the entire security system and content viewing. It is the heart of the whole Olimpo system.

All Dataclick knowledgement condensed in our programming system WebDB. Created firstly in 2002 (version 1 - Cenozoic), updated in 2005 (version 2 - Cambrian) and adapted for Olimpo in 2013 (version 3 - Mesozoic), more than 20 years of experience in the development of more than 100 complex websites and portals it allow us to offer a guarantee and security in the pages generation.

WebDB 3.0 has been tested many times in performance proofs, and it has been necessary several months to rewrite some parts of our code, to update and improve it as much as possible. It is completed with a JavaScript module (prior to jQuery), so we don't use external third parties systems or libraries, this allows us to generate very optimized files with the smallest size, so our pages are the fastest in loading that most websites in Internet. It has a log of any errors that may occur, Therefore, we can guarantee 100% of correct operation. All the programming in the server part, as in the the client side has been completely programmed by Dataclick Internet.

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