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Videos and Effects

  • Design and postproduction of digital special effects for movies or TV.
  • Creation and animation of 3D characters to insert in a real scene.
  • Editing sound effects in accordance with the visual effects.
  • Motion capture to copy actors movements in a digital creation.

  • The best effects with the most advanced techniques.
  • Changing scenes to modify elements.
  • Creation of conceptual designs.
  • Chroma Key for backgrounds removal.

Maena Making Of

Maena's Special Effects creation process.
8 minutes of 35 minutes, 20 takes of 400.
2D, 3D and morphing effects with tracking.

Maena Presentation

Maena Presentation in Elda.
Castelar Theatre in Elda.
Special Visual Effects created by our company.

Calatayud Commercial

Calatayud Commercial with treatments and online services.


SoftDiet online diets commercial.


Our video for the campaign of the autonomous agency of Alicante tax management SUMA Good Bye Paper.

40 years

Celebration of the 40th anniversary of Luxenter brand with this corporate video.

100 years

Not every day you can celebrate 100 years...
This corporate advertisement for holding this event.


Trailer with special effects developed by Dataclick.es

Teaser 2

Trailer with special effects developed by Dataclick.es

Fortress Ring

Exhibition Video The Lord of the Rings created by our company.

Alicante Star Wars

Star Wars Exhibition Commercial.
Santa Barbara Castle in Alicante (Spain).

Making Of

Making Of Star Wars Alicante commercial...
One day recording and 250 hours of digital postproduction.

Madrid Star Wars

Promotional Video Training Day VI.
El Retiro Park - Madrid.
News on TVE1
News on TeleMadrid

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